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Welcome to The Name Label Company Ltd

Welcome to The Name Label Co website!

We’re a small team based in Tewkesbury in the UK, dedicated to making the highest quality name labels around. The Name Label Co was born out of that time old need to identify your clothes. We make labels for everyone; from labels for childrens' school uniforms, to labels for those in care, we all need labels at some point in our lives! Our mission is to make great labels, at great prices, with excellent customer service. 

Our Range:

We have a wide variety of labels that all fall under four main categories: Iron On, Sew On, Tagg On and Stick On. Our large range of labels means that everyone should be able to find the perfect product for their needs! Do you have a whole wardrobe to label? Perhaps you might like our ONCE Iron On labels that take only 6 seconds to apply. Or maybe you’re labeling a school sweater and you want to be able to use the label to hang it from a peg – take a peek at our Sew On collection! 


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