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School Complete Pack

School Complete Pack

Great value! 406 labels in total

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 All Singing All Dancing 

“You have just chosen the pack that will have absolutely everything you need and more”

 Totalling 406 labels – 100 ONCE™ Iron on labels – 80 Printed Sew/Tagg™ on labels – 2 Boxes of Taggit Pins –70 Stick on labels – 150 LAUNDER™ labels – 6 pairs of shoe labels with 12 clear labels to put over the top to seal them

 Dispatched within 24 hours from placing your order –  Monday to Friday 

 The ONCE™  Iron on labels can be used on – Underwear – T-Shirts – Bathing Suit/Trunks – Hoodies – Shorts/Pants – Skirts/Dresses  

 They only takes 6 seconds a label to apply

 Machine wash at high temperatures up to 90ºC – 194°F

 They can withstand industrial washers and dryers with no fear of coming off

 Can be Dry Cleaned

 Kind to sensitive skin

 They come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE

 Printed Sew on labels – No need to turn the edges as these labels don’t fray – they can go in anything you wish to sew them into

 Tagg™ on labels can be attached away from sensitive skin. Great for clothing that you would prefer not to iron onto

 Easy to apply

 No additional machine needed to attach

 A weightless button that can not be felt or pull clothing out of line

 Made from a special nylon fabric for sensitive skin so soft to touch

 They can withstand very hot industrial washers and dryers without fading or coming off

 Can be Dry Cleaned


 The Stick on labels can be used on any smooth, dry, flat surface but NOT clothing

They work well on Water Bottles, Books and Cell Phones

 They can be wiped clean or go into a dishwasher, microwave or sterilizer time and time again

 LAUNDER™ labels are super sticky and a great all rounder and fit neatly onto clothes AND personal possessions

Great for clothing including Underwear – T-Shirts – Bathing Suit/Trunks – Hoodies – Shorts/Pants – Skirts/Dresses  – Water bottle – Watch – Cell phone or Backpack

 Simply stick it onto a care label within a garment and it is designed to stay put for up to 30 washes at 40◦C – 104◦F 

 Can be wiped clean or go into a washer, dryer, dishwasher, microwave or sterilizer time and time again

 Take seconds to apply


 The Shoe labels Great for Flip Flops – Sneakers – Boots – Once the clear label is stuck over the top they become waterproof and can be put in a washer and dryer at low temperatures


 The ONCE™ Iron on label measures 1.8" x 0.5" or 4.6 cm x 1.2 cm

 The Printed Sew/Tagg™ measures 3.0" x 0.5" or 7.5 cm x 1.2 cm

 The Stick on label measures 2.5 " x 0.4" or 6.5 cm x 1.2 cm

 The LAUNDER™ label measures 1.2" x 0.5" or 3.0 cm x 1.3 cm

 The Shoe label measures 1.4" x 0.4" or 3.5 cm x 1.0 cm



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